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Updating SpiceDB


Want to use SpiceDB as a service without the need to update? Visit the Authzed Dashboard to create a new permissions system


The recommended way to update SpiceDB is to use the operator. Please see the operator-specific update docs for various update options.

Learning about updates

Being notified of updates

Join the SpiceDB Discord to be notified of new releases of SpiceDB.

Checking for updates

Releases of SpiceDB can be found on the SpiceDB Releases page on GitHub.

Applying an update

Applying an update for SpiceDB requires three steps:

1. Download new release of SpiceDB

Download the new release from the SpiceDB Releases page or from DockerHub

2. Migrate the datastore

Run spicedb migrate head to migrate the existing cluster's datastore forward:

spicedb migrate head

Unless otherwise documented, this is a backward compatible change

3. Deploy the new release of SpiceDB

Deploy the new release of SpiceDB using your deployment system.

If possible, it is recommended to use a rolling deployment, to ensure that the existing cluster can handle traffic while the nodes or pods for the new version come into service.