A token is an authentication token to the Authzed API.

Tokens are created under Clients or Users and are given to the API to act on behalf of the client or user.

Creating a token#

See Clients or Users on how to create tokens for clients or users, respectively.


Tokens are not stored by Authzed. When creating a token make sure to copy and save it somewhere safe, as we will not be able to give it to you again.

Using a token#

To use a token to authenticate to the Authzed API, place the token into the configuration of the client library being used. If making use of gRPC directly, the token can be passed via the access_token.

Assignment permissions to a token#

To grant a token the ability to read, write or admininister a Tenant, add the client or user to the Tenant's permissions in the Authzed Management Dashboard.