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Authzed Enterprise

Authzed Enterprise is the on-premise installation of the exact same software powering

Pricing is a flat-fee per cluster not limited by hardware resources (e.g. vCPUs) and is available upon request. You can contact us for more details.

High level functionality includes:

  • The Dashboard for managing organizations, teams, and credentials
    • Supports OIDC & Auth0 authentication
  • SpiceDB Enterprise, the supported configuration of SpiceDB
    • Multi-tenant isolation built-in
  • Developer tools such as the Playground
  • Operations tools such as our internal health monitoring

Downloading Authzed Enterprise

Authzed Enterprise is made available via the authzed-enterprise GitHub organization. Source code is released under the src repository and is used to build container images stored in the organization's registry.


Images are signed using cosign, storing a signature of their digests alongside the image in the registry. They are also published publically to the rekor transparency log operated by the Linux Foundation's security-focused foundation, the OpenSSF. You can read more about keyless container signing and verification in the cosign documentation.

Running Authzed Enterprise


  • Kubernetes 1.20+
    • Project Contour Ingress 1.19+
    • Certmanager 1.6+

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